To celebrate a successful Winter Wrap Up, Cirrus' Chilly Confections will be hosting an Ice Cream Social for all of Ponyville on Monday, March 19th! Everypony is welcome to attend, and all of the ice cream is provided free of charge. Come out, meet some new ponies or visit with old friends, enjoy some ice cream, and celebrate the return of Spring!


  • Who: Everypony!
  • What: Ice Cream Social!
  • When: Starts at 1PM on Monday, March 19th!
  • Where: Ponyville Town Square, around the fountain!
  • Why: Spring is finally here!
  • How: Cirrus will be providing lots hoof-made ice cream!

Additional Information

 mlp_pinkie will be assisting with the coordination of the event, while  mlp_cirrus and  mlp_licketysplt will be serving the ice cream. For additional information about the ice cream, please see the info regarding Cirrus' Chilly Confections. All flavors will be on-hoof, as the ice cream parlor is conveniently located near town square.

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