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Splashie is a Unicorn from Manehatten. She moved to Ponyville cause she wanted to start her own life. She brought her whole Aquarium with her. She's living in the Aquarium house with her daughter Lullaby Taylor.


Splashie was born in Manehatten. She grew up there with her parents. Her parents died, her father got eaten by a Shark . Her mother went on to save a little filly from drowning, and nopony saw her after that. The little filly got saved. Splashie did have a bigger sister though, nopony saw her after she went on a trip with her friends on a island.

Current Events

Splashie brought her Aquarium to Ponyville, she met some friends. She had a very great time. She felt a little lonely though, without a colt by her side. Splashie has a little rebel filly now.


Splashie never had really any real friends before she moved to Ponyville. She just used to have her fishies.

But when she moved to Ponyville, she met some amazing friends just like : Stormy Quillweave , Snare Beat , Spark Plug , Helical Gear , Golden Sands and others.

Snare: Snare is like Splashie's little sister. Sheis Splashie's best mare friend. They are really close.

Stormy Quillweave: Stormy is like Splashie's brother. He helps her a lot.

Spark Plug: He's also like a brother to Splashie, he helps always gives her good advice.

Helical Gear: He used to be her coltfriend, but they are still really good friends.

Golden Sands: A very good friend.

Splashie used to be Helical Gear's marefriend, but they recently broke up, leaving Splashie pregnant, but they both help and love they're foal. Splashie still does have feelings for Helical .

RP Experiances

Splashie one day met Stormy Quillweave , she had a little crush on him. Since it was her first crush, she was pretty upset as she found out that he had a marefriend. 'But now, they're really good friend's. After that, she met alot of friends such as Snare Beat. Stormy introduced her to Helical Gear, and they fell in love really fast. They were sure that they would one day marry and have foals. But time passes as it always does, and Helical fell in love with Eternity Francour. Splashie was pregnant by then, but nopony knew. Splashie decided to leave Ponyville, and move back with her Aunt in Manehatten. She came to visit one day and everypony found out that she was pregnant. She finally discussed with Helical. She has now a cute, very rebel, filly. Splashie is the happiest Mare now. All she wants, needs is Helical.

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