Dragon assistant for rent!

Wouldn't you want your very own dragon assistant for a day? That's a dumb question, of course you would. Well, here's your chance.

Spike needs to raise 150 bits, fast. It's his day off from assisting Twilight Sparkle this Sunday, December 9. If you have the bits, you can get Spike all day! 

Your dragon assistant will be happy to help with: 

  • Cleaning out owl cages and baby pheonix nests
  • Setting up paper and quill and other writing implements
  • General cleaning, ground level
  • Gardening consulting
  • Foalsitting
  • Dictation and light filing
  • Library maintenance
  • Spell-test dummy duties
  • Ice cream disposal
  • Starting fires
  • Conversation piece
  • BEST SKILL: Cooking!

Your dragon assistant cannot:

  • Send firemail to Princesses
  • Fly
  • Eat lima beans (he can, but he hates them)
  • Do anything evil (he wants to, but he's not allowed)
  • Go beyond Ponyville

YES, I want to hire Spike as my Assistant for a Day for Sunday, December 9


If more than one person wants to hire Spike, he'll pick one that looks easiest (he's lazy, after all).

Spike'll decide who he's working for by 9pm (Equestria Daylight Time) on Friday night.

NOTE: Twilight Sparkle has to approve first. She's insisting. Grr.

How much does it cost?

150 bits, paid up front, no refunds! Plus expenses.

How long do I have him?

Sunday, December 9, from noon until 9pm, Equestria Daylight Time.

Lunch, dinner and coffee breaks must be included. 

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