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Sparkle Star is a unicorn from Manehattan, who studied astonomy and liberal arts. She owns and operates the Secondhoof Bookstore in Ponyville.


Sparkle is an all-around cheerful pony. She has a tendency to yell at inanimate objects, especially her tea kettle and her books. She prefers hopping to regular walking and trotting. She is friendly to everyone who enters her store. Sparkle has a high fondness for the stars, and loves to share her interest with others. She falls asleep at her store counter sometimes, and has a reoccuring nightmare about velociraptors and killer warrior robots.


At an early age, Sparkle's parents enrolled her into astronomy classes at the Lunar University in Manehattan, hoping she would live up to their dreams and become an astronomer. Sparkle spent hours studing, often late into the night, trying to please her parents. She failed several courses of astrophysics before giving up, and turning to her love of books instead. She went on to study liberal arts at the university, concentrating on philosophy and classical literature.


Sparkle's mother, Burning Nova, is a kindergarden teacher at the Lunar University's School for Gifted Unicorns. Her father, Dr. Nebula Star, is an astrophysist and professor. She has one sister, Diamond Star, who works alongside their father in the Lunar University's Obsevatory.

Life in Ponyville

Sparkle moved to Ponyville three years ago, shortly after graduating from the university. She opened a secondhand bookstore out near the southern edge of town, hoping to save up enough money to move to Canterlot. Inadvertently, she decided to live in Ponyville permanently. She gets her books through kind donations from old friends in Manehattan, and from customers in Ponyville. She has a book cart she likes to wheel through town on hot summer mornings, and closes her store early in the wintertime. (Currently closed/inactive)

Interests and Talents

Sparkle enjoys reading classical pony literature, especially novels by Catlotte Bronte. Likewise, she also writes poetry as well. She also loves to stargaze, and has some small knowledge of star formations. Otherwise, she likes taking long walks around Ponyville, and spends the long hours in her store doodling pictures of exploding nebulae. Being a unicorn, she knows several beginner spells, as well as some advanced ones pertaining to her books (i.e., she's devised a spell to get books to arrange themselves alphabetically).

Cutie Mark

Sparkle's cutie mark is of three different colored books, one stacked upon another.

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