Name: Sparkle Fly, Race: Pegasus, Place of Birth: Unknown, Residence: Ponyville, Siblings: Treble Clef, Gender: Stallion

SparkleFly is a Twitterpony created on September 27, 2013. While relatively a new pony, he is very dedicated to what he does: Protecting the world from devestation.

Jobs and Friends

SparkleFly was sent by Princess Celestia in response to the recent violence around the area. He soon found out this was due to an outbreak of monsters in the Everfree forest. He often works with his friend Eon, a unicorn who invents weapons and tools in order to combat these monsters.

Personality and History

Sparklefly is known to be very particular about his decisions, whereas his partners usually act without cause. This causes him to be a sort of leader of his group. 

Although he is involved in lots of planning, he often has help from his friends. When he was orphanned as a child, he was forced to travel to Canterlot in order to survive. Some guardponies took him under their wing, and raised him to be a guard. However, his thirst for adventure made him leave Canterlot to see more things. In his travels, he met an inventor named Eon. They soon became great friends, and Eon was the first to join him when he began protecting Ponyville. He is very grateful for his agility, which he earned while training as a colt. 

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