Hey everypony! Snare here, giving you some cruical info on me and Spark's wedding!

  1. Everypony is welcome!
    1. It's an open wedding and reception, so if you want to come, please do!
    2. Spark and I will do our best to talk to everypony there, but we're not perfect! >.<
    3. Use mentions so that we can be sure to see you! Also, you can use the hashtag #TPSSWedding (Twitterponies Spark/Snare Wedding)
  2. Follow @mlp_thebeats!
    1. This account handles Snare's family at the wedding, (mom, dad, cousins, etc.) and will likely be doing some important talking.
    2. They will also be performing a concert at the reception, so follow them to hear the music!
  3. The wedding will be on June 9th from 9am to 11am EDT (GMT-4).
    1. If you are unable to make it, you are certainly welcome to send your regards before or after the wedding. Or just come by our house and say hi!
    2. It may not /actually/ go that long...but I'd rather aim too high. ^^
  4. If you want to do anything special/fun/make a toast/whatever at the wedding, just give me or Spark a heads up so we know to give you the spotlight!
  5. If you aren't already, follow the wedding party so you don't miss anything!
    1. @mlp_snare (Bride)
    2. @mlp_SparkPlug (Groom)
    3. @mlp_middie (Mare of Honor)
    4. @mlp_StormyQ (Best Colt)
    5. @mlp_StormChaser (Bridesmare)
    6. @mlp_MaestroNep (Officiant)
  6. No gifts required!
    1. Spark and Snare just want to share this day with all their friends. Your presence is gift enough!
  7. Most important of all, HAVE FUN!
    1. It's the whole reason for doing this! So dance, party, be a little (or a lot) silly, and just enjoy yourself!

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