Solar Chaser was born in Cloudsdale, He is a little taller than most younger Colts. He was abondoned by his parents along with his younger sister, Mist Chaser. It has been 7 years since he was left behind by his parents. He and his Sister lived in a hotel for two years, working for their home and food after the manager saw opportunity for free labor.

Solar had finally earned enough extra bits for the extra work he did for the manager to finally get up and leave Cloudsdale, and head for Ponyville were he could start figuring out what to do with his life. One day promising to return to his sister.

Solar was adopted by Silvershy and Glyde and now lives in Ponyvile with them and Mist Chaser, Treble Riff, Blaze, Puff and Streak.


Solar is very passive, friendly, and kind. He is always willing to lend a helping hoof to anypony in need.

He is adventurous, Like his father before him. He now pocesses his fathers sword, which was enchanted to be made out of pure water.

He also holds onto things, as so he hesitates when he thinks of his old family often.


Really good with small foals and calming them, even better at being a good caretaker for them. He is fantastic at flying from all of his practice. But only fantastic for his age, As he's only 9.


Adopted by Silvershy and Glyde, His siblings are Treble Riff, Blaze, Puff and Streak.

He is related to his little sister Mist Chaser by blood.

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