Sol Flare is a Pegasus pony from Manehattan. He enjoys meeting new people but tends to be very shy. Sol is currently staying in the Ponyville Inn.


Sol has a bright yellow pelt and a long orange mane. His eyes are also orange, and his cutie mark is a large sun. He's a young colt of about average height.

Sol enjoys making new friends, but he is very shy around new ponies. Usually, he goes about his business quietly unless he needs to make his presence known. When approached, he might be hard to get information out of at first.


Sol was born and raised in Manehattan. He attended the Weather institute of Manehattan. After graduating top of his class, Sol joined the Weather team and found his passion for clearing the skies. However, the busy bustle of the city quickly became too much for the young colt. Sol decided to go out on his own to find a new place to live. After walking for a while, Sol came across the Everfree forest and quickly got lost. Still scarred from his experience, Sol does not enjoy going near the Everfree forest.


Sol is a trained weather pony who is hoping to apply to be a part of the weather team in Ponyville.