Wonderbolt, hero to young colts and fillies everywhere, and general stud. Remember kids, eat your greens!


Soarin (full name Soaring High) is a large and powerfully-built azure pegasus colt with a navy blue mane and tail and green eyes. His cutiemark is very similar to the Wonderbolts emblem (a lightning bolt with wings). He is often seen in his Wonderbolts uniform. When he reaches high enough velocity in flight, he, spitfire and anothers Wonderbolts generates bolts of lightning.


Soarin lives in Cloudsdale at the Wonderbolts training compound, where he spends most of his time training and practicing his routines. However, he also works at Sweet Apple Acres at least twice a week to pay off debts incurred by accidentally destroying an antique gazebo. He also frequently does public service announcements (particularly to "lick salt responsibly") and advertisements for ColtSpice scented body wash and various business around Equestria (such as Bait and Switch Specialties of Ponyville). Soarin is kept on a strict diet of Soy Oats Performance Shakes by the Wonderbolts coach, much to his annoyance and disgust. Thus, he is prone to sneaking extra food whenever he can. He is particularly fond of pie in this regard.

Soarin is also a member of the Volunteer Fly and Rescue (VFR), a semi-official rescue and aid society with stations all over Equestria. He often does PSAs on their behalf, and goes on patrols or rescue calls as his contract with the Wonderbolts permits. In his training for the VFR, he was taught emergency first aid procedures as well as techniques for handling emergencies and helping ponies in dangerous situations. (An on-show instance of this was seen as the Wonderbolts attempted to rescue Rarity at the Best Flyer competition in "Sonic Rainboom" -- even if that particular rescue attempt backfired on him.)


Soarin is advertised by the Wonderbolts as being the Most Powerful Flyer in Equestria, and he backs up this claim often by doing prodigious feats of flying strength, including juggling Tom the Rock as if it were a hacky sack, or smashing through walls (or the occasional gazebo). He is also quite attractive, which the writers of the ColtSpice advertisements play up often (although his actual personality is far more laid back and less confident than the "ColtSpice Guy" persona he portrays).