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As a young filly, Snippet was born and raised in Trottingham, to a reasonably wealthy family of unicorns with more money than sense. Educated to fine standards, she could never seem to find her special talent despite many tutors - eventually gossip and rumours began to spread that the fine family had birthed a blank flank, or adult pony who never gained their cutie mark. In petty revenge to the mare who started the rumour, she started one about her dyeing her mane a different colour to which she was born with. Thus she discovered her talent; gossiping! Promptly employed by a large Trottingham newspaper and sent out to scout Ponyville, she searches for publishing worthy news.


While most ponies instantly distrust Snippet because of her fickle nature and talent, she's actually a decent mare. Occasionally prone to crazy schemes and the odd petty moment, otherwise she's level-headed, sociable and kind to those that matter. It's just a case of having to get into her good books before you matter. When she's not searching for news for the Trottingham Express to print in their scandal section, she takes on odd-jobs around Ponyville and is known to be a hard-worker and good friend. Even if she discovers something secret about a pony, she knows when keeping quiet will produce a better story down the line and can even be bribed to keep her mouth shut for good, with enough bits.


Other than sending weekly letters home to her parents - to whom she's extremely close - Snippet doesn't yet have many friends around Ponyville. But she's a sociable, fun-loving lass and will soon come by someone to befriend. She's also single and pansexual, finding gender not to matter when it comes to her romance ideals.

RP Experiences

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