Background:(( mlp_Tellerx))

Teller Of Things is a pony from the Land of Lelun and land outside Ponyville the days over there were great for him he already planned coming down to ponyville to live in a more stable and quiet area he lives a far side West from the town of Ponyville. But Teller can be quite quiet most of the times and can barely been seen in the town..a little shy doesn't really know many ponies there but he will wave back if waved at ^~^


skills: Blacksmith, crafting swords or simply tools has always been Tellers Hobby instead of books, and Sorts of magic spells, he usually finds him something to Entertain him most of the time

pets: of course dont forget his special Cat Loyal Toteshe! ((@mlp_Loyaltyy))

cutie mark:

resembling his loyalty to his Lelun Tribe and the Love for his land and his people. The N represents that on his face as well.


UMEsLlSo bigger

whoever has the N has moved further ranks up,has served military forces,or earned the Letter The N on Tellers face, his armor, and his sword represents "The ponies of North"


the Nation of Lelun and also their rival Nations Beside them


The Stallions and Mares of Lelun are kind and nice people no need to fear these Zebra/Ponies!. Lelun is not a small Tribe its actually Large but far away from differnt Lands of Equestria.!

Rule: the Ruler of the Land ..his name was Rushing Water II Teller was soon to take over after he left

the Empire of Lelun

Rival Empires:

Lelun is peaceful but doesn't mean they take it the nice way out! Rival Nations of the land want to improve the Border marks or simple Conquer Lands that are weaker. the Lelun has a great tradng system between four different empires! the Empire of Prime, Flames of Octoman, the Munich Empire,
Teller Of Things

and of course there allies the Forsaken Guard.




armor textures

soft music


Large Mobs Of Ponies


Spiders O.o

Loud noises

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