Slashy is a gray pegasus pony who is in to thinking ideas. She's originally from Cloudsdale. She is an events planner, but she also owns the fashion store called Lightflare Shines in Ponyville.


Slashy's mane and tail colors are white with gray stripes. Her coat is gray and her eyes are yellow. And her appearance is very similar to Fluttershy. She also wears her beret everyday.


Slashy is very joyful and kind towards anyone around her. She mostly hangs out with her friends because she is talkative. She is also short tempered.

Slashy also enjoys exploring. She always thinks twice about how to make the adventure fun and sometimes, even a little dangerous. But sometimes, she can get into trouble handling these things. Mostly when it's complicated, due to her silliness.

Cutie Mark

Slashy's Cutie Mark

Slashy's cutie mark is a yellow light bulb. She has a talent of thinking good or bad ideas very fast. The color yellow is her favorite color. Yellow also symbolizes knowledge, which resonates with the left or logic side oh the brain.

This talent can be used when she is about to have fun with her friends, this also leads to a crazy adventure. This can be also used for her work.


Slashy was born in Cloudsdale. In the early years, she was bullied by two colts, for not being so smart. And then she had an idea on making a deal. If she passed the test, then they will leave her, though the bullies agreed. So, she studied hard for this big test on the day after tomorrow. When the test is done, the bullies got a C, while her, an A. The bullies were shocked about her and left her because of embarrassment. As she gets home, her parents were just staring at her, as they are surprised that her cutie mark had appear. She was shocked, and then rejoiced with her parents.

Fashion Store

When Slashy first came to Ponyville, she had an idea of having a business to earn some money for her family, which lead her on building Lightflare Shines. Lightflare Shines is a shop where every fashion-y things are there. Like hats, shoes, dresses, and more. If you want to visit her, just walk through her store, she'll always welcome you with a smile on her face.

Skills and Talents

Slashy's talent is to think of an idea. Because of this, she was able to conduct some plans that could definitely change her day to an awesome one.

Due to her business, she has the ability to create clothes, which enchancers her mind to think of a better idea in the future.


  • Slashy was originally a tomboy. Though she acts like one at times.
  • Her name isn't really connected to her talent.
  • The word 'slash' means " to make a long cut in with a knife". That statement is actually a metaphor to Slashy's talent. It is where she is the knife, as she can go think of any ideas without even thinking it thrice. The cuts mean that Slashy can be very naive at times, as she sometimes never knew that those ideas are too far from being too dangerous, which leaves some 'cuts' to her life. In other words, cuts are her limits.

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