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Skylight is a light red unicorn with red and pink mane and tail, she has pink eyes with two freckles below each one. She is easy going and has a strong patiance. If she wants something she usually gets it.


She was born in Canterlot, having a rich family she never had any problems with economics or friendship because of her easy going nature. She was the last one to get her cutie mark in her class, which was out of nature since everypony else in her family always got theirs first. One day when her parents to her out for a trip in some of the poorer parts of Canterlot, she saw a pony standing in the rain, she instantly walked over to him and stayed there the entire night, even though her parents didn't want her to. And that day her cutie mark appeared a yellow sun behind a white cloud signifaing her joy to comfort other ponies when they are feeling down.


She knows some spells mainly in conjuring up blankets, toys and the like. She also have some skills in basic building because her parents wanted her to be a builder.


Family and friends:

Skylight always contacts her parents once a week, since they worry for her. She is an only child. But that never downed her spirits.


Skylight is always eager to make new friends, although she doesn't really want a coltfriend. She has a stunning ability to flirt with them. If she were to engange in a relationship she would almost at all times keep the affection out of public places not wanting to make anypony uncomfortable. But when she met @mlp_Dartz they instantly took to each other, and are now having a relationship and are planning to open a service for sad ponies.


The name Skylight marble derives from a joke made on a certain pony podcast, about ponies always having names that portains to their cutie marks.

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