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Skyblaze Storm is a 17 year-old pegasus mare, residing in Ponyville but living her life in the clouds. She lives in a small cloudhome, which drifts over Ponyville, on her own. She prefers to be called Sky.


Skyblaze was a somewhat hyperactive, sporty pony with a dry sense of humour and a fierce sense of loyalty to her friends. She will not hestitate to race anypony who might be a challenge, even if she knows she will lose. She has a cheery disposition, and will not bear a grudge. After her travel, she is somewhat different. Her loyalty and sportiness has remained, along with her humour. She returned somewhat calmer, although her energy still remains when she flies. Her isolation left her a little odd, but more respectful and friendly.


Skyblaze's cutie mark is for her talent with creating art in the clouds, with the speed blazes created by pegasi flying extremely fast. You can often find her creating breezy art in the sky. As a result of her talent, she also enjoys flight in general, and art (especially sketching). She also is a good seamstress and designer.


Skyblaze, aged 14.


Sky grew up in North Manechester, but, due to her high intellectual capabilities, moved out on her own at the age of 13 and a half. She resided in her own home in Ponyville at age 14.

She also used to be a member of the Silver Bodyguards, but she quit as she realised that the violence and discipline that came along with it was silly and not for her.

After leaving for a few months to travel with the birds, she returned, looking completely different. Her personality has somewhat changed, and, by some weird warp of space and time, so has her age. She is now 17. She has forgotten a significant portion of her Ponyvillian life, save for a few friends.


Skyblaze is a gifted flyer, who uses her lightweight frame and her knowledge of the sky to her advantage. She was the winner of the 2012 Best Young Flier competition, despite being the youngest competitor.


 WindyDiplomat Wind Cheer

Wind Cheer was one of Sky's first friends, after racing each other to show the then-colt Big Mac what a pegasus race was like. They often seem to bump into one another, and Sky enjoys listening to him talk about the Old Kingdom.

 @mlp_cottonoran Cotton Orange

Cotton and Sky are close friends, who have planned a trip to Cloudsdale together. Cotton learned some basic flying maneuvres and tricks from Sky.

The rest have been forgotten by the strange journey she embarked on...

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