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Home of the Skies Family

Random chat available on the Mibbit IRC server on the channel #SkiesHouse. Staying in-character is optional, but appreciated.

General Description: The Skies Household is located a short trot from the cafe, next to Kiryn's house and near The Blues Residence. It is two stories tall. There is a blackened tree outside, altered by a magical mishap from Shady, and a healthy tree containing the Shared Skies Clubhouse.
Phase 2 Sunny Quarter Scale

Purplerain and Rocky, Sunny, Stormy and Starcatcher, Robin and Mary


Stormy and Starcatcher Skies are married and have 3 adopted children; Rocky Skies, Robin Zebo Skies, and Dartz Zebo Skies.

Robin and Dartz biological mother Eunice Zebo has been staying with Deuce, a member of Aero's Academy class. Robin visits Eunice in Fillydelphia from time to time.

Dartz is in a relationship with Skylight, and has moved in with her.

Shady Skies is treated as part of the family but hasn't been around long enough to be adopted. He is off on a journey, and may never return.

Aero Corsair treats Robin and Rocky as younger brothers, and is currently in Cloudsdale as the newest member of the Wonderbolts.

Retired Royal Guard Dark Moon, his sister Dreamy Moon, his daugter Hersh E Moon, and his Son Desoth Moon. have fused their family with the Skies', with Dark as brother to Rocky and Robin.

Oliver is renting a room.

Sunny is Stormy's little sister, currently staying with Hersh and Desoth at Glados and Blues Place.

SkySpring is a pegasus filly who needed a home and family. She sees Star as her mother.

Room Description:

The first floor has three bedrooms, the living room, a bathroom, and the kitchen. The second floor has three bedrooms, the sitting room, a bathroom, and the music room.

1st floor:

The living room has a couch, occasionally occupied by a sleepy pony or dragon. The kitchen is mostly used for making oatmeal and pancakes. The first bedroom is Robin's old room, shared with SkySpring. The second is Rocky's room, which he shares with Alexus the baby dragon. The third belongs to the Mare and Stallion of the house, Stormy and Starcatcher Skies.

2nd Floor:

The sitting room has a large sofa/bed, currently unoccupied. The music room contains a piano and Rocky's saxophone. The first bedroom is currently vacant. The second bedroom is Reserved for the Moon Family. The third is currently being rented to Oliver.

Roof: Not a bad place to stargaze.

Historical notes: Shady Skies was run by a borrowed account, and the player has no current plans to bring the character back. mlp_p0n3 used to be a member of the family, and in a relationship with Aero, but the relationship imploded and p0n3 changed her account. She has brought the character back, but things are still hazy. Cross was using the Sofa-bed, but he hasn't posted in 2 months. Dreamy is currently in Canterlot working with Luna. Dark has moved in with Trenquil Zen. Aero is in Cloudsdale. Sunny lives with Glados.

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