Sir Ket's home is a converted grain silo. The silo is a round structure, 35 feet in diameter and 27 feet tall. The bottom third of the building is made out of fitted stone, with the top 2/3 made of overlapping wood planks capped by a slate-shingled peaked roof. Below ground, there is a storage basement. The main entrance to the building is a set of double doors on the ground floor, with a outside basement entrance and a door to the second floor accessible by a staircase along the wall in the back.

The basement is used to store excess stock, tools that are not used often, and to house a boiler and steam engine. The steam engine is attached to a flywheel pulley system with an endless belt going up through to roof. In addition to the outer door, the basement can be accessed by a trap door located in the back of the shop.

The main floor is mostly given over to the repair shop. Near the entrance, there are repaired items for sale on display rack and shelves. The wooden counter, which blocks access to the work area behind it, is located roughly midway across the room. In the work area, there are two large work benches and a workstation for clockwork. Pegboards with tools are mounted on the wall, as are several bookcases. A small trapdoor at the back leads to the basement. A set of stairs follows the east wall up to the second floor.

The third floor is Ket's home. It looks bare and empty, with a bed against the south wall. A small section just to the right of it is partitioned off for a bathroom/shower and a kitchen area is to the right of that. The middle is open space Ket uses to dance in. Around the wall are bookcases with books and small gifts from friends he has met in Ponyville.

There is a door leading to the outside and a couple of skylights set into the roof for moon watching and additional light.

Behind the silo is a yard where Sir Ket has parked his Gypsy wagon and has a large forge set up.

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