Sir Wesk Ket was born in Canterlot to the wealthy grocery magnate Lord Mark Ket III and the Lady Trink Ket. He was raised mostly by their butler Grains, who taught Wesk to treat everypony with courtesy and respect.


Young Sir Ket showed great promise as a magical unicorn and passed the entrance to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. He was there for almost a full year before he found out his special talent was fixing things. His father was amused, but his mother was horrified that HER son had such a low-class talent. Thinking she could fix it, she removed Wesk from Celestia's school and enrolled him in St. Lennard Academy, a guardpony school. Sir Ket was confused, alone, and constantly being yelled at for using his magic, as the staff had been instructed to prevent him from using his magic. He retreated into the library and hid in the books there.

After he graduated, his mother kept him on a tight leash, using Wesk as her personal secretary for parties she hosted. On the night of last year's Grand Galloping Gala, something happened that Sir Ket doesn't want to talk about, but resulted in an injury for the young unicorn. After Wesk recovered, he and Trink Ket had a argument that caused Sir Ket to leave home and run away to Manehattan.

Never being good at navigation, he ended up in Ponyville instead.

Life in Ponyville

Sir Ket has been working as a general fix-it pony in Ponyville and he was hired by Mayor Mare to be a maintenance pony at town hall and by extension the rest of Ponyville. His days are spent working in his shop on repairs that ponies bring him, unless there is some big emergency. In the afternoons, he will often retire to his home to read and rest. He lives in a old grain silo as his home/workspace. After he and Kiryn Ket became special someponies, they moved her house over by the silo and connected the buildings. They are currently working on adding a tower to the other side of the house to balance out the look of the building.


Lord Mark Ket III

  • A blue unicorn whose cutie mark is a carrot and 3 stacked bits
  • Busy, wealthy.
  • Wesk's father

Lady Trink Ket

  • A purple and white unicorn whose cutie mark is a diamond ring
  • Wesk's mother


  • A brown earth pony whose cutie mark is two crossed stalks of wheat
  • The Ket family butler.

Kiryn Ket

  • The cutest filly ever
  • Head Tech at Wonderbolts Campus
  • Sir Ket's wife


  • forever a colt
  • Ward of Sir Ket

Princess Celestia

  • the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria
  • Royal Liege Filly