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Born in Canterlot to a Royal Guard and a Seamstress. Silver lived a spoiled filly hood, till she and her twin Bookworm were filly napped one night while there father(Silver Blitz) was away on deployment. When her father found her she was in a coma, that lasted several months. `When she awoke she had no memory of what happened or of her sister (who was sent away) 

She grew up with her mother trying to spoil her and raise her as a lady of Canterlot. When her mother decided to move to a home by the sea, Silver stumbled upon a picture of her family with a small white filly. She questioned her mother about this and found out her sister had been sent to an adoption home. Silver then left Canterlot to try to find her sister.

She found Bookworm at an asylum, she fought to have her released into her care. The two then moved to Ponyille where Silver opened a small shop to sell her many creations. She took care of her sister as if she were her own. Trying to help her adjust to being out among others. 

Her first friends in Ponyville were Pixel Dot and Sunstone. Whom she met in the park one day. From this meeting her life changed drastically. Before long she finds herself close to Pixel Dot and becomes her marefriend, and turned vampony by her love. 

Some time later, she decides to follow in her father's hoof steps and joins the Ponyville Branch of the Royal Guard.

At some point, not long after finally marrying. Pixel left Silver.

Broken, and alone with the fillies and their wolves. Sil, while out one night met up with an old friend. Flame Chaser, after some talking and spending some time with her friend, Sil asked if she could come work for Chase and the mistress of the Braytian Embassy.

Sil, the twins and the wolves now live at the Embassy. Where Sil now works as a seamstress and guard. Eventually, her duties and workload became too much for the single mare, reluctantly she gave her twins up for adoption.


Sil can be kind, caring and sweet.

But lately, she has become withdrawn and spends much of her time devoted to the twins and her sewing.


Sewing, fighting, protection spells, cooking, cleaning, dancing, singing. Her training as a guard is where she learned to fight and use spells. Her vampony abilities enhancing these. Sil's other skills came from years of charm school and her mother's strict plans of Sil to be a Lady of Equestria.


Mother: Golden Thread

Father- Sgt. Silver Blitz

Sister- Bookworm

Sire: [Name redacted]

Vampony Sister: Sunstone

Son: Saphire Thread

Daughters: @Mlp_ChocoSwirl and Berry Swirl



  • Sewing 
  • Tea
  • Sweets
  • Roses


  • Seeing others hurt
  • Rarity 
  • Tomato Soup
  • Idiots
  • Waffles

Player Notes

BPFFs: @mlp_Baseline @mlp_Cressy

Nieces: Sonnet Petal, Sun Belle

BBBFF: Gen.Gleaming Shield 

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