Silver Guardian is a lofty Earth pony who travels around Equestria in search of a job as a private bodyguard, as well as advance in his studies in pony species magic conversation so that he may harness unicorn magic as an Earth pony to help him in his duty as a bodyguard.

He resides in the Badlands, just bordering Equestria and the Dragon Lands, in seclusion. During this time at home, he either practices his swordplay or takes time in his studies in magic.


Silver Guardian is a young, tall Earth stallion, with a medium gray coat, spiky very light gold mane and tail, and brown eyes. He dons a tattered cloak he uses for traveling, considering he lives in the Badlands, with a cyan gemstone acting as a fastener for the cloak.

He has a gold bangle around his left hoof, with a red ruby embedded in it. This is a keepsake from his mother who passed away some time ago and is the only reminder of her he has.

He carries a sword that is sheathed on his right side, being fastened to the same belt as the cape fastener. The sword itself is a silver sword with a green gemstone that is interconnected to the base of the blade and hilt, having a simple lavish design in the cross-guard, a red grip, and silver pommel. It is sheathed in a red scabbard, surrounded in gold, with a small mark that represents his cutie mark in the center of both sides: a dark green Delta triangle.


Silver Guardian was born in Canterlot to a unicorn mother, Glory Veil. He never knew his father as he appeared to have left his mother sometime before he was born, but it is likely speculated he was an earth pony.

The fact he was born as an earth pony instead of a unicorn was rather baffling, but appeared that he housed the untapped unicorn magic in himself but without a horn, has no access to use it.

Living in Canterlot, Silver was always trying to seek knowledge and often went to the library to study on many things, considering he was home schooled, since the nearest school he could go to was in Ponyville and the one in Canterlot was Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, which he was not.

When he became a teenager, Glory Veil was showing signs of an unknown illness. She has been holding it from Silver as a means to not worry her colt, but the news shocked and devastated him as he didn't want to lose the only family member he had left. Silver did everything in his power to help find a way to save Glory Veil, but doctors were unable to find a cure for this illness.

Knowing she was going to pass away, she told her son not to cry over her and to remain strong. While he may never met his father, he assured him that he loved her and regretted leaving her behind when she was pregnant, and that his father would want him to be strong, and never lose sight of his ultimate goal in life. She assures him that despite what happened, his father would love him as deeply as she does.

She entrusts Silver with her gold bangle, her wedding band, as a keepsake and as reminder that she will be close to his heart, saying she would watch over him in spirit and that she loves him very much. Soon after she finally succumbed to the illness and died with a heartbroken Silver holding her hoof.

After Glory's passing, Silver realized he failed to save his mother, and that he needed to become a stronger pony. He gathered everything he owned and decided to leave Equestria, going to one place he knew would make him a strong-willed: the Badlands. Shortly before leaving, his resolve to become an aspiring pony to help others by becoming a protector, saving those close to him, made his cutie mark appear on his flank: a dark green Delta triangle. Unbeknownst to him, the mark represents Unity, the fabled seventh Element of Harmony, and likely means his destiny in the long run will become something more...

Over the years, Silver trained himself to be a strong Earth stallion, and at the same try to study a way to unlock the untapped unicorn magic that dwells inside himself. Living alone in the middle of nowhere, he often went to any nearby pony settlements that existed this far outside Equestria for being hired as a personal bodyguard, with some good results, getting him paid a decent amount of bits.

Using some of his resources, he traveled to the Dragon Lands in order to have a sword forged, as dragon made weapons were superior in comparison to pony-made weapons that weren't enchanted with powerful magic. He took time to practice using his blade, mostly by hoof, in the event of a job going south and needed a means of better protection.

After thinking it about, he decided to return to Equestria, and travel across the land in search of better shots at bodyguard jobs, as well as means of tapping into his unicorn magic by returning to Canterlot, his home, and research there.


Silver is a polite, intelligent, and gift individual. He goes out of his way to help those in need should he see someone in trouble. He shows respect to those above him, and addresses them by their proper title.

As a bodyguard, he acts calm and collective and often focused to the point he doesn't speak unless necessary. When conflict arises, he will try to resort things peacefully, but should that fail, he will subdue the assailant unarmed and have them turned into the Royal Guard. Should things get hazy, he gets serious and brings out his sword, and while he finds it cumbersome, he is skilled using the sword with his hoof.

On the other side of things, Silver is a studious pony, as he studies for ways to convert the inner magic of a pony into another magic. In his case, convert the Earth pony magic inside himself into unicorn magic, and house that power within a cyan colored gemstone that would act as a conduit, much like a horn. These help him improve himself as a bodyguard so that one day, he can utilize his weapon better through magic instead of physically handing it.