Ever saw strange lights from Everfree forest? Maybe it was Zecora, maybe some phosphorescent kind of plant or so. Maybe it was some evil creatures' eyes! Or maybe you saw Silver firefly wandering through the forest

On first sight it's clear Silver Firefly is not normal pony and ponies react variously from shock and panicking (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!) to eye-popping curiousness. This strange little fane looks like a living flame, although it does not burn. She's rather cold on touch and leaving a tingly sense. Also her voice sounds unnatural - when she speaks, it resonates with an ethereal echo.


Despite from her looks, Silver Firefly is rather shy and timid. On second hoof, she's extremely curious which leads to sneaking into Ponyville and observing ponies. In most cases, when she is revealed, runs headlessly back into forest. But if she gets to know somepony, she is kind and cheerful and makes a loyal friend.

As a fae, she loves to sing, dance and loves flowers. If you want to befriend her, best instrument are sweets. She's still a fane, you know.


Not much is known about how Silver Firefly got into Everfree forest - she does not know either, but she doesn't mind as long as there are many of marvelous flowers and places where to dance. Only a few ponies saw her and even less knows what she is. Everfree forest is not best place to look for friends.