Silver Bullet is a Unicorn pony from Manehattan. At the age of 13 he started his own team of bodyguards. He recently started a new team of Silver Bodyguards in Ponyville. He is experienced in many magics and Pony Fu.

Cutie Mark

A spellbook with a flaming hoof over it.


Lemon Tart: He is currently married to her and has one brilliant son named Gold Bullet and a lovely daughter named Pina Colada.

Aqua Jet: He let her stay at his house when she was molting. She used to have a slight crush on him.

Braveheart Bronco: Currently one of Silver Bullet's best friends and his Deputy Commander.

Avro Arrow: Another one of Silver Bullet's best friends and a loyal stallion on his team. His marefriend is Pyrofia Summerblaze.

Applejack: An earth pony who helps Granny Smith run Sweet Apple Acres and is also the wielder of the Element of Honesty. Silver Bullet often goes to her cart for either sweets...or honest advice. She is also among the first ponies he met when he moved to Ponyville.

Joanne Moynihoof: a High School professor who has recently moved to Ponyville from Trottingham. Her favorite topic is Wildlife Biology and she currently teached the Ponyville Vocabulary class.


Silver Bullet has a Brilliant apple Green coat, Silver Pine colored eyes and mane.


His Mother is Goldsoul and his Father is Silver Cannon. Goldsoul has a job as a match-maker and Silver Cannon works for Valerie Cassidene at her make-up shop.