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Silver Bodyguards Badge

The Silver Bodyguards are a small, loyal organization of bodyguards, protectors and investigators, started by Silver Bullet.


The Bodyguards were started when the Silver Bullet's old teammates visited him in a dream. Silver Bullet decides to start a new Silver Bodyguards team to protect the peace of Equestria once again. With his friends by his side, they shall not fail!

Previous Quests

  • No previous assignments.


  • Silver Bullet, the 19-year-old head of the organization. He usually takes charge, and directs the subdivisions. He usually manages #SBTeam1, and uses his unicorn magic and past experience to his advantage.
  • Brave is the Deputy Commander of the team and takes charge of #SBTeam2, and has experience in defense and fighting due to his cutie mark being correlated to those themes. He also uses his flying skills to travel quickly with his pegasus unit.
  • Skyblaze is a member of #SBTeam2, and is the youngest member of the Silver Bodyguards. Her youthfulness and general innocent appearance can be used to her advantage, along with her skills in flight and agility.
  • Avro is another member of #SBTeam2. His skills in medicine are valuable when on recon and on missions, and has experience in flight and endurance travel.
  • Princeton is an independent agent of the #Silver Bodyguards. He is a swift hitter, an agile fighter, and an expert in the silvertounge arts, making him a master of deception. He has many.....connections with different groups, making him a valuable asset to the team.
  • Octavius is another member of #SBTeam2. His skills in recon and stealth, ones that he learnt from the Native pony tribes of Equestria during his travels, are useful during covert operations. He also maintains connections with these tribes and with friends and family in Canterlot, which can be used to acquire information.
  • Turf: An Earth pony that is chilled at times, but will not hesitate to answer the call of duty.

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