Silky White, one of Equestrian's Journalist that likes living the world the fullest. She lives in a house in Ponyville along with a couple of her roommates, Grasshopper and Golden Pearl.

Character, Attitude, Personality

Silky is a lively mare that loves the tunes of music and arts and creations. She is one of the mares that enjoys the things in the world, no matter how little they are. She is a strong willed mare that has high determination to tell ponies her tale, to tell them what she had learned from her life, making her life a lesson for the others. And thus making her to sometimes tell stories. Although she likes helping ponies, she has problems being around ponies which when she talked, oftenly lead to an akward conversation. She hates loud sounds, sad and desperate sounds of a foal, and being nearby a party, group meeting, anything with alot of ponies.    


Silky is the daughter of one of the royal guards, and has a younger sister and lived in Canterlot when young (That havent actually planned the name). When she was young, she was a little bit snobbish and have a small taste of life, not knowing what lies outside of Canterlot, not even out from her windows. Her parents were too busy to take care of them when they're young, so they had a foalsitter,  Dawn Figure. Dawn had been taking Silky to see the world of its beauty, at first Silky didn't care. But the more Dawn brought her to places the more she became cheerful. At winter, Silky's parents caught Dawn bringing Silky to the mountains not very far from canterlot, and they angrily fired her. Silky didn't see Dawn alot after that, but sometimes Dawn would sneak up at night just to talk with Silky and Silky were happy for that.