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Shutterbug is a recent transplant from Canterlot to Ponyville. He is an up-and-coming photographer who deals with a variety of subjects, be they ponies in a studio setting, events taking place in and around Ponyville, or landscapes of Ponyville's environs. In moving to Ponyville, he left his parents behind in Canterlot, and lives the life of a busy bachelor.


In contrast to many members of Canterlot society, Shutterbug is neither aloof nor stuck-up. In fact, those two traits in many others helped push Shutterbug to leave Canterlot to seek friendlier pastures. The other factor leading him to Ponyville was what he perceived to be an eccentric and exciting nature to its denizens and the lives they lead.

While he can bury himself in his work at times (especially when it comes to darkroom tasks), he can most certainly be friendly when approached and is gradually making new friends in Ponyville.

As a photographer, he's enthusiastic about his job and often has his camera with him. On occasion, he's been known to be a little over-enthusiastic when tripping the shutter button. However, he's not so blind as to not recognize when other ponies are dismayed about the pictures he's taken, and has been known to discreetly turn over photos and negatives to the pony or ponies in question if they're not pleased with the photos taken for whatever reason.


While from Canterlot, Shutterbug and his family are not part of the upper crust that seems to define Canterlot society and is firmly middle class. Generally speaking, his childhood and upbringing haven't been out of the ordinary, aside from dealing with a fair degree of snobbishness from classmates from the upper class. Scholastically, he was a little above-average, well enough to get into upper education on scholarships, which he used to further hone his talents in photography in order to be able to make a living from them.

As for his cutie mark, which is a head-on view of a camera lens, he gained that while on a field trip to the royal gardens with his class. Not only was he content to take photos of the gardens and the various stone statues within it, but also his classmates and their reactions and activities during the trip. It was when he borrowed the school's photo lab to develop photos for the first time and showed the results to his peers (leading them to including some photos in the year book) that his cutie mark manifested itself on his flank.

During his upper education days, he spent a lot of his spare time working at a camera shop nearby, learning more of the ins and outs of the field and equipment used, as well as saving up money for the future. Not long after he graduated, he took that money, along with some that was given to him in a loan from his family, and moved out to Ponyville to buy a house to convert to both studio and living quarters in order to establish himself. Since then, he has gradually been doing better in his business, supplementing studio work with sales of landscape prints both locally and through the mail. He still has a way to go, but he is enjoying a solid start in his career and lifepath.

As to the matter of why he moved to Ponyville rather than remain in Canterlot, that was sparked by stories of the recent Grand Galloping Gala and the events taking place there. While growing up with the snobbery of several of his peers from the upper class, he had resigned himself to dealing with it through life. However, the chaos of the recent Grand Galloping Gala and the stories they sparked intrigued him when he started hearing and reading of them (not having attended it himself, of course). The more he read, the more things seemed to point in the direction of Ponyville being the place where the so-called “barbarians” that brought down the Gala came from. His interest piqued, he figured that any place that could produce ponies that could stir up the upper classes like nothing else would be a very interesting place to live. He didn't know which ponies specifically caused the chaos with their attendance, but he was very keen on getting to know ponies like them and live amongst them. Hence, his recent move to Ponyville.

Since then, he's found himself documenting the Running of the Leaves with his photography, first-hand witness (and near-victim) of an Ursa Minor's second visit to the town in one day, caught up in the so-called “Pinkageddon” where the exhaust of a prototype vehicle known as a “truck” caused many residents and their surroundings to be turned pink for a good part of the day, and is currently involved taking publicity photos of a film being shot in town. Hectic and eventful, but Shutterbug wouldn't have it any other way now.


Besides the telekinesis common in unicorns like himself, Shutterbug has developed a particular spell where he can generate up to two large spheres of light in the air and position them wherever he wishes nearby. Of course, the main application of this spell is for off-camera lighting, which allows him to forgo the need to carry around lighting equipment everywhere. However, he's also learned to change the color of the light, allowing him to use a red version in the darkroom rather than having to hunt down red light bulbs which otherwise would be required for his work. He's also learned to use them for other purposes, such as during emergencies where light is needed.


Since arriving in Ponyville, he's made a few good friendships and is getting to know others better as well. The two ponies he's been known to hang out with whenever he drags himself from the darkroom late at night for a late dinner include Sir Ket as well as Filming Jon. The latter of the two is also a fellow contributor (a camerapony, to be more precise) to the local film production project headed up by Suzy Starmaker and her assistant, Winnie Thoroughbred.

He's also become a regular at Applejack's apple cart whenever she brings it into town, though his workload does keep him from spending as much time there and mingling with other ponies as much as he would like.

Currently, Shutterbug is single, and has not yet made much of an effort to look around in that respect. That might change in the future, but for now, his vocation keeps him quite busy as it is.

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