Shutter is a friendly unicorn from Canterlot. She left a rather wealthy family to follow her dreams of becoming a photographer.


Shutter Flash was born to a wealthy family in Canterlot. Her father, a unicorn, Money Flash was a very successful realtor in the high-class neighborhood of Northern Canterlot. Her mother, an earth pony, Bloom Bird, was a florist who works because she enjoys it, not for the income. Shutter is an only child who was spoiled from day one. With both parents working, she spent most of her time in the back of her mothers flower shop until she was old enough to go to school. At school, she flourished (Pun intended) she became interested in nature and animals, lugging home piles of books on the subjects almost everyday. her parents let her have any pet she asked for and her mother would bring home flowers from her shop for her to study. it wasn't until her grandfather, Polaroid Film a famous photographer (similar to Ansel Adams) gave her a Bronie Hawkeye camera (like a Brownie camera? get it? no? moving on...) that she discovered her talent for photography.

Special Talent

Shutter grew attached to the camera her Grandfather gave her. She would take it with her everywhere she went taking pictures of anything she could. She joined her school paper team as a assistant photographer. While out trying to take a photo of a Ladybug a storm blew over her Canterlot home. She snapped a picture of the Canterlot Castle just as a lighting bolt hit one of the towers. Her photo made the front page of not only her school paper, but the Canterlot Times. While receiving an award from National Equestrian Magazine for her photo, she got her Cutie Mark, a camera surrounded by sparkles. Years past, she became director of photography for her college paper. When her Grandfather passed away, she inherited his many cameras and photos, and also a letter to her he had written while sick. He told her to get out and explore before she got too old like he did. He believed she could become an amazing photographer, and leave a hoof print on Equestria. She set off the next week, not really sure of where she was going. She just knew her grandfather believed in her.


Shutter is very friendly and funny and loves to be around other ponies. She can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. She has a photographic memory which helps her remember everypony she meets.She always has a smile on her face and will do anything for anypony in need.She can be rather poetic at times, saying profound things and causing ponies to get a brighter look on life.