Shine Bright is a pegasus who lives in Ponyville. Her best friend is Rainbow Flash. ( mlp_Flashie) She can fly at a quick speed. She loves food, and she can be weird and annoying at times.


Shine "Brightie" Bright was born in Ponyville. She is currently 17 years old, along with Rainbow Flash. Rainbow Flash and her met in the park when they were 9 years old, and became good friends. They both like reading and video games. Shine Bright has an annoying brother named Dark Bright. He's a unicorn, just like Rainbow Flash.

Rainbow Flash and her have traveled into the mountains before, to get some gems. Rainbow Flash has a necklace with an Sapphire on it, and Brightie got one with a Zircon. When she became 13, she developed her sense of humor. She's always loved food. Brightie has traveled with Flashie a lot. She started flying at age 15, and became advanced at it. She strongly dislikes Molting Season, and she has to order fake feathers. They started going on a vacation to the beach when they were 15, too. They enjoy surfing, and swimming.

Flashie and Brightie turned into very good friends. Brightie got her flying birds cutie mark when she became a good flyer and friend.

Brightie Today

Brightie turned into a fast flying Pegasus. She's currently 17. She visits Rainbow Flash often. She loves food and sweets.

Brightie has a rainbow mane, yellow fur, and 7 green birds flying as a cutie mark. Her mane is soft and fuzzy. You should really touch it. It'll prove that it's soft.  Seriously. Touch it. Her coat also glows when it gets dark out, hence her name Shine Bright.  She's an okay singer, but doesn't really think she's all that good herself.

If you ever give Brightie something to eat, she will be friends with you. For, like, ever.