When Sunny Skies met several blank-flank foals around Ponyville, she decided there needed to be a club for them to make freinds. Since all the ponies see the same sky when they look up, Sunny chose the idea of Shared Skies, after her family's Name. Thus, the Shared Skies Clubhouse was born.

Sunny asked her Big Bro Stormy to buid her a treehouse. After a false start involving a dead tree, he, Kiryn, and Blues began building it in a more stable tree, just outside the Skies Household. It is now finished, and awaiting furnishing/use.


To apply for membership, ask Sunny or any other member! Ponies with cutie marks are allowed, but ONLY if they are friendly and helpful. Parasprites will be defenistrated!

When in, around, or talking about the club or clubhouse, it may be useful to use the tag #SharedSkies. This will allow others to quickly find out who is there.