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Shan Xing is a gray male pegasus pony with rust-colored eyes. He has a bronze-coloed mane and tail, his tail having two black stripes. His cutie mark is a black and red star, referencing his military career. Shan often takes things very seriously, but is learning how to have a good time and move past his history.


Shan Xing was born in Equina, a island country in eastern Haysia. After discovering his skills as a tactician, Shan Xing joined the Imperial Guard. Shan worked hard over the years to master a navgational skills and tracking abilites. He spent most of his time outdoors, getting to know the land around him. .

This prowess caught the attention of the Lhong Dhua, the Emperor's elite guard. It was during this time that he met Bass Drop. Shan was assigned to the Drop family as their guide. Shan and Bass bacame fast friends and kept in touch over the years. Shan quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a successful leader.

However, Shan soon realized the Equina was not the place for him to live. He fled to Equestria, a two-month journey. When he finally made it, he moved to Ponyville and lived in Bass Drop's mansion for a short while. He moved out when Bass decided to leave Ponyville.

Shan is now happily married to Juniper Xing and runs a shop, Xing Tea, built onto her observatory. He recently discovered a talent for cooking Equinan food. That, coupled with several special tea recipes, led to him opening the shop.


Bass Drop -- Bass Drop was one of Shan's first true friends, having met when Bass' family visited Equia. The two kept in touch over the years as best they could. When Shan ran away, it was Bass he first sought out for shelter. Bass is currently on some sort of journey, which he says is very important and his whereabouts are unkown.

Slowhoof "Blues" Caesar -- Blues is one of Shan's newest friends, having met at Bass' mansion. Blues is often happy to teach Shan new things to Shan about life in Equestria.

Glados-- Shan also met Glados at Bass' mansion, where the two quickly connected because of their similar situations. They have occasionally confided in each other because of this.

Juniper "June" Kick-- Despite meet in less than desirable circumstances, June and Shan quickly became fast friends. The two often spent late nights together, talking and stargazing. Their friendship eventually led to a relationship, which then led to their marriage.