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Shady Deals is a simple minded earth pony who used to live in Stalliongrad. Eventually, because of several issues with the higher caste and the guardponies, he was forced to move out. He spent few years living in a small equestrian town, Ponyville, in the vicinity of Canterlot. Once the troubles back home settled down and the longing for his original home became too strong to handle, he returned to Stalliongrad to reopen his father's tailoring store, the "Cloakwise".


While not especially talkative or imaginative, he can be a good friend if given a chance. The natural strength and endurance that other earth ponies have don't seem to be present that much with Shady. He dislikes big crowds and prefers more to listen than to talk. Shady is prone to falling asleep at random places and he is trying to find a solution for that problem.

Cutie mark

Shady's cutie mark, which is represented by a cloak and his name cause many other ponies to distrust him before even getting to know him. In fact, his cutie mark has nothing to do with anything rogue or thief related. Both of his parents were talented tailors and it was only natural that he inherited some of their talent. His specialty are cloaks, capes, raincoats and similar. Even so, he finds it somewhat amusing to present himself in a role of a dashing rogue pony, rather than a simple tailor.


His coat is tan and his mane and tail are dark brown, so he doesn't stand out much in a crowd. Shady can often be seen wearing his favorite hat, sometimes with a feather attached, and a satchel where he keeps pencils, paper, some tools, occasionally food, a linen bag with bits and some other random items. When the day is cold or rainy he wears a long, stylish brown-green cloak. And on the rare occasions when he goes adventuring he wears a rather ridiculous looking set of gear that he somehow crafted himself.


Shady has the bordeline insane love for blankets and his favorite is the yellow, honey scented one, which he obtained by pure coincidence during the Discord crysis. He works at this store during the day and in the evening he usually goes to the nearby tavern for a mug of spiced cider. In the mornings he usually visits the marketplace to get some food for the day. His favorite food are seasoned celery snacks.

RP Episodes

Shady went through the Discord Crysis, G'nap Infection, Changeling Assault, Guardpony Recruitment, Avatar of Nightmare Moon, Pet the Sovereign's Nose and Pillow Wars.