PonyWithBackground shadowstorm with lighting


My name is shadowflash i deal with major storms from ponyville


my hero is dash my three best friends are dash pinkie and derpy i am a male pegasus i love to play video games and fly around i am very nice and kind just dont hurt my friends i love to help when i can just like dashie i love to destroy stuff so if u need something to be destroyed let me know i look up to dash and derpy i respect derpy because she is full of love even with her bad eye she does not care i love adventures i want to be a Wonderbolt i work for rainbow dash as she is the captain of the ponyville weather team


i grew up with a loving father and caring mother i had a few friends because like the cmc i was the last to get my cutie mark but i didn't care my mom told me to always show love and kindness so i did know i am all grown up and look at who my friends are that's right that best flyer and the best partier dash and pinkie. Who also know the Doctor.' 

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