Hey, everyone! Jayson here. Just making this little blog post to say that we're in need of more Shadowbolts.

Three members of the Shadowbolts standing behind a smoke-screen

Who Are The "Shadowbolts"?

The Shadowbolts, as seen in Episode 2 season one of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, are what I'd like to call the "Anti-Shadowbolts". There are apperently a lot around, according to what the fans of MLP:FIM have portrayed.

What I'm trying to do

I want the Shadowbolts to have somewhat of "Twitter Ponies Status", here in the twitterponies community but I already have Photon Bullet and Spiraling Breeze as my contrutions to the Shadowbolts list. Now we need YOU.

Who We Need

Nightshed - Leader

Starry Skies


Who We DO so far

Photon Bullet

Spiraling Breeze


I'm Only One Guy

So far the only Shadowbolts on TwitterPonies are the ones I have made and what fun wouuld it be If I were the only one? Not very fun, would it? Are YOU a fan of the Shadowbolts?

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