Shadow Star is a fun loving and talented Unicorn who lives in Canterlot. He spends most of his time studying about magic since he wanted to become a very talented Unicorn that knows a lot about magic and uses it to help others. He usually stays at Canterlot since he lives there, however he visits Ponyville very regularly because he loves so many things about Ponyville.


Shadow Star is NOT an Alicorn, he is a Unicorn that loves to use flight spell (Wings). He has a dark blue coat and a very light aqua blue eyes. His mane has the colour of light blue and dark blue.

Cutie Mark

His cutie is a picture of a yellow star shaped like the star of Twilight's cutie mark. Around his cutie mark are 4 small yellow stars and a blue and purple-ish small orb (circle) inside the six pointed star. As you know, the shape of the 6 pointed star represents magic.

A note from Shadow Star

Good morning Everypony! I'm Shadow Star and I'm a unicorn, I love reading books and learning about magic. my dream is to become a really talented and clever unicorn who knows tons about magic and can use well developed spells. That is all you need to know about me.

Questions and Answers

If you would like to ask questions about Shadow Star, you can ask him here ^_^. All of your questions will be answered via Twitter.

Guidelines and Rules to RP

These rules are not really strict and does not have to be followed, however it is recommend that you follow them so the player of Shadow Star will find more interest in roleplaying with you.

1. Follow Twitterponies Rules and Guidelines. (No Alicorn, No weird OC's, No swearing, No Sexual Content etc.) 

2. It would be nice if you could take your time to walk or fly to meet him other than just appearing in his house for no reason which makes it feel really weird.  

3. If you want to RP, there is no need to ask, just join in, however when there is a group of an RP, maybe wait a little. If he is trotting in Ponyville and not doing anything and if you want to RP, just join him. 

4. Have fun! 

(Again, if you do not follow these rules, it is totally fine! However, I won't find interest with roleplaying. If you feel ignored, it is not because I don't want to RP with you, I'm not using a phone so it does not notify me if you sent me a message.)