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Sew 'n Sew is an earth pony from a typical middle-class family from Manehatten. She is in her final year of school at Canterlot School of Textile and Design; ready for her internship. She's hoping to intern with Rarity in Ponyville, especially after seeing her work in Hoity Toity's shop in downtown Canterlot.


Sew 'n Sew is an orange pony with a purple and pink mane. She is typically found sitting with paper and quill sketching new design ideas.Her cuite mark is a needle, spool of thread, and a tape measure. Even though she dreams of being in the high fashion industry, her own tastes in fashion are very clean and simple lines.

Her personality is friendly and very outgoing. She loves to party, socialize, and just have a good time.Even though she likes to hang out with friends, she is very focused when it's time to work.


Sew 'n Sew was born and raised in Manehatten near the fashion district. Even as a very young filly she loved looking at the fine clothing in the various boutiques and dream of begin able to wear them. At home, she could often be found playing with fabric scraps and the sewing machine, or even a simple needle and thread, attemping to recreate when she saw. After she started working on her own designs, her cutie mark appeared, confirming what she already knew in her heart - she was destined for the world of fashion.

As a young adult pony, she applied to, as was accepted by, the Canterlot School of Textile and Design (CSTD). At CSTD, she excelled in all her design classes but struggled in many of her non-design fundamental classes, mostly due to boredom than lack of ability.

Now in her final year of school, she is requried to do an intership with a designer and she has her sights set on Ponyville's Rarity. She fell in love with Rarity's desgins when she saw her line featured in Hoity Toity's shop in Canterlot.

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