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Sea Myth is a nice, shy pegasus living in Ponyville with her best friend Sweet Tone. 


Sea Myth is very shy. She doesn't talk much, unless she feels extremely comfortable with who's around her. She doesn't like to be around to many ponies, or being on stage. Sea Myth is also speaks with a very quiet and soft voice. She'd also help out any pony she can. She always shows kindness to her friends and anypony that needs it. She almost never gets angry, so usually she just backs away from a fight.

Sea Myth loves water. She can often be found staring at a cup of water, or being somewhere near a lake.



Sea Myth grew up in a small cottage in WhiteTail woods. She was a single child and lived with her mother and father, and their cat Whisk. Sea Myth usually spent her time near a lake, she didn't know she had special powers to control water. But she found out by spending all her time near water, and got her cutie mark - two bubbles. She loved playing with her powers, altho she never showed it to nopony. She met her closest friend, Sweet Tone when she was just simple wondering around the forest. At that time Sweet was on a camping trip, and they became best friends.

Mlp high hoof base by lilylupony-d6xx5zh

Sweet Tone and Sea Myth as fillies


Now Sea Myth is living with Sweet Tone and their cat, in a small Ponyville house near a lake. She's not very popular, she usually stays indoors or sneaks into the woods and sits by the lake. Her best friend is, her roomie Sweet Song! They were fillyhood friends and still are until this day.

Sea Myth doesn't have a job, but she usually earns money by helping ponies in Ponyville.


Sea Myth's cutie mark - two sparkling bubbles. For she has a special gift, to control water. She loves entertaining ponies with her talent, but she also doesn't like to brag about it. 

Many of her skills include water, she's able to control it, speak with the creatures that live in it and much more. Sea Myth loves to discover new things about it, too. Also she likes thinking of new ways to entertain her friend - Also using water.

She also has a talent of singing, but she rarely does it!