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Scribble Shimmer

Lives in Ponyville with her best friend Thunder Crackle, originally from Canterlot

General Background

Raised in a family of librarians in Canterlot and has now moved to Ponyville to become a theatre writer.


shes not exactly shy but she'd rather make a few friends then keep them rather than get to know everyone. She's very cheerful and always looking for the best in ponies. She's easily distracted and can't keep focussed on one thing. Can be irritating when faced with people that don't do what she wants them to.

Likes and Dislikes


Strawberries, books, especially old books, things that smell like vanilla, reading the old books and writing in the margins, helping people make things and making things for other people. also baking.


Loud noises and crowds, Bananas.

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