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About Scamper

Scamper moved to Ponyville from the royal city of Canterlot to pursue his dreams of exploring. Even though he no longer lives in Canterlot, he still likes to keep appearences by wearing his trusty old monocle. He currently lives in a house opposite the park. He recently fund a phoenix egg, and after hatching it, he named the baby phoenix Emberox.

James the stallion JPEG

This is Scamper, the explorer.


Scamper's past is shrouded with mystery... No pony knows about his history apart from himself. However, he does seem to be quite fond of a small mare statue above his fireplace and the fountain in the park...

What does he do?

Scamper is a natural born explorer and miner by heart. Becuase of Canterlot's mountainous terrain, he moved to Ponnyville in hopes of finding brand new places to explore. He even has a mineshaft hoof dug under his house! He dosen't explore or mine for the treasure or riches,

Scamper the Explorer

Scamper in his exploration gear.

(okay, maybe a little!) but instead for the pure thrill of discovering something that no pony has before...

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