Generally regarded as the Pony of Pop, she's Equestria's favorite diva! With fans of all ages, spanning all over the land, this Earth Pony brings joy and entertainment wherever she roams. She's obsessed with fashion, but couldn't stitch something together to save her life! Always traveling to find the next big fashionista, she makes it her goal to be ahead of the fashion curve. Her gold-colored eyes light up whenever she sees a sparkling gem. Maybe she's part dragon! (She's not, though.)

Cutie Mark

Sapphire tends to hide her cutie mark, almost as if wanting to hide the fact that her special talent isn't actually singing at all! Her cutie mark is a sapphire embedded in a seashell with lovely flowing blue ribbons dancing around it. There is some speculation as to what her talent really is, but no one knows for sure. What is known for certain is that she's almost constantly eating spicy food, and cuddles her Soarin plush every night. It would seem the two celebrity ponies are an item, and most of the residents of Ponyville can confirm those rumors.