Rake (Sapphire Rake) is a young colt of four.

Having wandered too far away from home, Rake misses his parents the most. He is mostly shy and tends to avoid conversing with other ponies, sometimes even going to the extend of running far away from them. Rake has also been trying to prevent setting leaves on fire, especially when practicing the levitation spell.

Rake likes to eat and he's not picky with his food at all. His favourites are forest berries, although sandwiches, shakes and cafe food fill most of his meals. Rake sleeps during his free time, and is now staying in a small wooden shack built by Tower in his backyard.

He is currently studying under Cheerilee. He fears Sports class and Mr Final Score's class mostly due to the rough activities, but enjoys his time in class learning and is able to daultlessly ask questions. However, he has shown much disappointment in his punctuality, lack of attention and attendance, and has trouble coping with anything other than simple spells, subjects and calculations.

Rake has also taken a preference towards Barbara Cloudy. He would gladly help her out to any extent once she is in trouble, much more than a normal friend would.

Once, he had a guardian who he loved and loves him dearly. However, she disappears without notice, and Rake has been left to guard for himself since.

Hi! I'm Rake! Sapphire Rake!

((Player Time: GMT +8:00))

((Player status: Currently learning how to RP))