Sapphire Pony
Twitter  Sapphire Gemstone
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Mane Navy Blue w/ Light Blue
Coat Light-Blue
Cutie mark Sapphires
Player Timezone

Sapphire Gemstone

( Normally called Sapphire ) is a Unicorn that lives in her shop, located in Canterlot.


Sapphire has been living in Trottingham till she was old enough to move to Canterlot to open up her Gemstone business that was passed down from her ancestors since they first had need for gemstones. However, being in a town with very little gemstones to begin with, the starting was rough. Eventually, Sapphire and her family found a way to get the gemstones to sell to ponies, at cheaper prices than other places, but still good enough to keep food on their table. Sapphire was the only one who questioned why they made a gemstone business, in a seemingly gemstoneless town.

Sapphire in Canterlot

Before she was able to even set up a Gemstone Shop in a building, she had to get some money while in Canterlot. So, she did what she could and sold them on the streets to people looking for the gems. Eventually she worked her way into getting a small loan to build the Gemstone Business. When she first was able to buy out a building to set up her shop, she was unsure of the surrounding place. She had heard of Canterlot, being the rich, upscale place in most to all of Eqeuestria, and that Princesses Celestia and Luna resided here. Other than that, she was clueless of the place, let alone the people. She was always very adventurous, wishing to learn more about things, but never found the time. Her Gemstone business, The Gemstone Mares, was all she had to do while in Canterlot. She was to use her magic to create some sapphires, which was no easy task at all, not to mention the expence it cost to do so. 

The Gemstone Mares

The store was quite a simple store, shelves with red cushions on them, twelve cushions a shelf with three shelves total on each. Each cushion contained one gemstone of a different manner, some the same on other shelves, but most were different. there were a total of eight shelves total, three lining the wall to the left of the door, and five to the right of the door, behind the glass display case/resgister. The Display case had specially deigned, imported gems that were delivered from all over Equestria. They were no easy matter to get, costing quite a bit, so they are quite pricey themselves. They sit on gold laced red cushions, guarded by a special spell preventing theft. 

Her home is at the top of the store, very small and simple, one bathroom, one bedroom, kitchen, and dinning/living room. She had the very basic needs in each room, except for the living room, which contained a lot of books, scrolls, and a long sapphire blue couch. The Stairs that led up to the home were right behind the couch, which was in the living room. The Kitchen is right across from the Living room, with all the basic needs inside it. The Bathroom was just as basic, with the exception that there were very expensive soaps and brushes inside. The Bathroom had a queen sized bed, a single night stand with a lamp, and a single door, and that was all. it was not much, but there was not much space left. 


Sapphire, while living in Canterlot, is very humble and caring. She doesn't think more highly of herself, though she doesn't imply that all of Canterlot's ponies are that way. But she does have a bit of a biased way of thought, but it is quite vauge on WHY it is biased, but her family can agree that it is, but cannot explain why it is. She is hardworking and responsable, getting what needs to be done, done, and doing it right. But she is a very friendly person who tends to slack off a bit and enjoy a good walk in the park, a good book in the shade with a cup of her favorite tea: Green leaf. She does work a little too much if given the opportunity, even when on vacation, she will work on Orderfroms for the Gemstone Mares supplies and attempt to advertise her store.


Her skills do include magic, being a Unicorn, and can quickly think up of a solution to any situation she is put in. While it seems to be a great trait, she also tends to get into alot of trouble, messing in affairs that is not her own, easilly making herself a target to the rude type. She loves riddles, often thinking of a few of them before lunch and throwing a few out for people to answer, ending in unpredicable outcomes. 

Her magic was very interesting. She was able to convert certain, valuable matter, into a Sapphire. It took hours of preperation, quite a bit of valuable matter, say a few old gold watches, and only then, the sapphire would be worth the same value as the items used. The more valuable the item, the more glamorous and beautiful the gem. Only one gem was created that's value was made based on the items sentimental value, and it was kept as a necklace for Sapphire. 

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