Saltpick Dominick is Ponyville's premier salt lick and fine dining restaurateur of The Pony Palace (est. September 2011).He has been in business for 4 years and loves feeding the hungry noble ponies of Ponyville. The Pony Place is located near the outskirts of the town about 4 blocks away from town square.


Many years ago he was born across the pond to a small salt harvesting family, where he learned the art of salt lick making from his experienced grandfather, who ran a small but successful speakeasy for 2 generations. At the age of 20, with 1000 Bits in his bag, a few salt licks and recipes from his home town, and a heart filled with determination, he hugged his family goodbye to find his own fortune. His adventure started out difficult, with trying to find a spot to set up his Salt Lick Stand near a rock quarry. Hoping to sell to the locals, but no customers ever came to him. He soon found they had their own kind of salt that they harvested from rocks, he was intrigued and learned how to harvest it from them

Luckily for Dominick, a visiting dignitary from Canterlot happened to stumble across his humble booth, and stopped to sample his wares. They fell in love with his flavorful salts and hearty food, and offered a management position in one of his string of restaurants in Canterlot. Of course Dominick jumped at the opportunity and packed up his little booth to join the dignitary back to Canterlot.

After a decade of running a very respectable restaurant, he wanted restart his dream to have his very own. So he thanked the pony who helped him become wealthy and he bid them farewell. He set his sites to a little town near Canterlot witch reminded him of his hometown, Ponyville. There he had built a magnificent building to house The Pony Palace

Recent Events

After his first year of business during his Hearths Warming Party with Sapphire Shores, he fancied a violinist who performed for his restaurant, but she soon left him to perform in Canterlot

After another year of business he wanted to see the world, so he set out to learn all he can about salt from other countries and make new exotic flavors. While on said adventure he saw many wonderful sites and meant a lot of friendly ponies and other creatures alike. But after a year of exploring he became home sick for his restaurant, so with new knowledge at hand he returned to Ponyville and is currently living his life as he pleases.

Has a crush on  Glass Desire.