A prosperous country somewhere in Haysia. Salt Korea had never faced such a boom in prosperity until their diplomat bridged the gap between the Royal Court and Equestria's Royal Crown. The country is economically supported by its trade of (surprisingly, not as its name implies) rare minerals, gemstones, tea, and fabrics, as well as supporting their own with their well-managed agriculture sector. The nation has prospered even further because of the aid of Princess Celestia, involving a diadem.


Trading is its main source of economic growth. As stated, rare minerals, gemstones, tea and fabrics are the major "players" in the country's trading market. It is worth noting that exotic rare plants, of kinds not seen or available in Equestria are also traded. Trading of rare plants are strictly controlled however so as to prevent the introduction of foreign species of plants which can do harm to the nature of Equestria.


Not much is known about the country, but Salt Korea is mostly inhabited by earth pony, with more than 95% of inhabitants being earth ponies.

Ponies of Salt Korea are well-meaning and respectful, with most of them growing up in a society where they were taught to give respect where it is due, especially to their seniors.

A very intellectual-driven country, Salt Koreans also have comparably high intelligence, with a recent survey showing that at least 97% of students completing their studies, and nearly three quarter of that number graduated with honors.

Crime is at an extraordinarily low rate, especially related to muffin-arms. This is due to the tight weapons-grade muffin control laws put in place by the Royal Court, unanimously voted by the councilponies.

Though Salt Korea produces an abundant amount of magitech marvels, the country's denizens strive to be as environmentally and culturally friendly as possible.

Relations with Equestria

Salt Korea's first contact with Equestria happened during a long-ago war, when the Equestrian army helped Salt Korea regain its independence from the tyranny of a dictator pony.

As of present, Salt Korea is in possession of a diadem, lent by Princess Celestia to provide a means of unifying the country's ponies and improve relations with other countries, as well as helping the land remain bountiful.

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