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Sakura is a young unicorn pony, who originally comes from Canterlot. Sakura resides just outside of Ponyville in a mountain cave. She lives there with a baby Griffin, named Lil'Griff which she hatched from the egg, she saved after she found it alone.

She is a friendly pony but is easy startled by Ponies she hasn't met before. she is quite shy and secluded, hiding away from Ponyville but make frequent visits to Ponyville.

Current events

Sakura found a yellow speckled egg while she found while looking for flowers in the forests around Ponyville. Waiting for a parent of the egg to come and find it, she slept out in the forests for 2 weeks watching the egg non-stop. After two weeks the egg was growing cold and she feared it may never hatch so she decided to start to care for it.

She spent countless hours studying Griffins, using the books in the Treebury and consulted other ponies on what she should do with it, whilst keeping the egg warm.

She went to see Fluttershy, hoping she as an animal expert would know something about the egg and what to do with it, but instead met a house sitting Princess Celestia baking brownies and after consulting her. Sakura decided to keep it as if it was her own child.

After the egg hatched, she cared for the Little Griffin baby, which she then named Lil'Griff. He proved to be a handful for her and was rather gluttonous and destructive but she fell in love with him and cares for him a lot.

They now live together in the cave, making frequent visits to Ponyville, slowly opening up to various ponies.

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