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Sage Clearlight Is a unicorn who believes that magic can change Equestria for the better, he uses Aliteration magic and Other illusion like spells as he is just starting out, hes 24 years old and learning the basics from his magical abilities.


Sage is a serious, Concentrated unicorn that focuses on his magic more then the outside world. When he does pay attention, he loves to chat, hang out, and have fun with others, usually showing off his magical abilities and laughing along with them. When he is not busy you can find him relaxing in the park or at a restaurant, usually sipping tea or chatting with others.



As a foal, Sage was always intrigued in the arcane arts, he wanted to do everything but never knew where to start, his mother would encourage him to read, study, and have fun with what he does, so because of that he started to study. Years passed but he was still a bit too scared to try his hoof at the spells he has learned due to his fear of failing at a spell.

With encouragement from some of his close, yet now far friends, he has tried and tried again. One day, he had finally succeed with his first spell, Candlelight. With that spell, he had gotten his mark in magic, Due to excitement of the mark he had continue to practice his magic since.


While he is still getting his barrings with magic, he has graduated from Novice to Apprentice, His magic skills have been slowly increasing. While he enjoys his magical abilities he has also taken up an interest in fencing, learning that trait slowly but surely as well. Sure he has been knocked down a few times but Sage has always gotten back up, he was never Detoured. Sage does own a house however but he doesn't use it much due to the fact he is usually traveling, he has seen lands all across Equestria and he has made few friends.


His skills include Fencing, Alteration magic, and only few healing abilities. His Alteration allows Sage to summon in Candlelight and MageLight which are small balls of artificial light that lasts for 60 seconds, Magelight can be put anywhere and Candlelight floats around the user for the same amount of time as the Magelight spell.

Although his fencing skills are small and untrained, he can still wear even the most skilled sword fighter out due to his agility.