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Safari is an Earth Pony and a browser pony (Like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.). She currently lives with her best friend, A Cappella Cadenza, in Ponyville with no coltfriend. She loves to go on adventures with friends and even on her own.


Safari is very reliable and adventurous. She loves to hang out with her friends, or just sit around at home and sip on a nice cold cup of Sweet Apple Acres cider. But she's always up for an adventure. You can almost always spot her trotting about Ponyville, looking to bump into somepony and go on an adventure. I guess you could call Safari a little desperate for an adventure. Although she is always available to just hang out.

Safari has an English Accent. (much like British/English young adults <18-20>) She doesn't mind getting "deep down and dirty" and doesn't like bright colors such as pink too much.


Safari is a great adventurer and can survive in the wilderness for days and sometimes even weeks. She is also very bright and could tell you almost anything. She also plays the viola.


Princess Celestia - They never talk, but Safari worships and respects her.

Twilight Sparkle - Never met before, but has heard about her.

Applejack - Has gotten cider and other apple related foods from her from her and Sweet Apple Acres.

Rainbow Dash - Never met her, but has heard a lot about her.

Rarity - Has never met her, but plans to stop by her shop some time.

Pinkie Pie - Has almost gone to Sugar Cube Corner and met her, but she was out and Safari wasn't able to meet her.

Fluttershy - Hasn't met her and hasn't heard much about her.


Her name and Cutie Mark are based off of the Mac/Apple products base browser, "Safari". Therefore, she is a "Browser Pony".