Solar Asterisk Retna Arial or "Zero" is a pegasus from Cloudsdale, Equastria. She is a graduate of Manehatten University

Origin and Personality

Zero was born on January 2, 1992 in Cloudsdale. Her parents were too poor to send her to a sophiticated school so she was sent to charter school in Manehatten where she got her street cred. There she became friends with a lot of earth ponies with the know-how to survive Manehatten.

Zero's friends taught her how to fight, look the jocks in the eye and how to rebel. Zero has gotten into a lot of scuffles with other pegasi during this time.

Now an adult, she is currently living in a Cloudhome over PV.


Zero's coat is grey with a tint of blue. She has a shortcut mane of cobalt blue. Her wings have light blue highlights. She may look petite but she can hold her own better than most colts in Equestria.

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