Hello fellow royals and nobleponies,

I Princess Luna will hereby announce the official royal games and their rules and other noble activities.



It is more or less like: [url][/url]

Only that we have no riders but hold the polo-mallet in your mouth, we still wear the safety dresses.

Fox Hunting

The royal foxhunt is basically like this:

Only we do not kill the fox (that is unpony like) but it is a sport for us ponies.

The dogs who are of equal intelligence like Applejacks Winonna, help in locating the special trained fox, from the royal fox family who do sport with us for generations.

After the hunt a dinner is held where Ponies, Dogs and Foxfamily is invited.

Clay target schooting


Pegasusponies throw clay frisbees into the air and Unicornponies try to shoot them with their magic.

These sport is to be attended on the day honored by Celestia, Sunday.


Roughly like this:

We use our hoofs and not our magic as that would be unsportly.


We play it like this and similar to bowling with our hoofs:

Dice or Cardgames

Many different dice or cardgames may be played, but mostly by commoners.


Celestias Civil Court

Celestia holds civil court every weekday.

Horse race

One is not to attend a race as that is for the common pony, mostly earthponies.

We from the royal class do watch these races though and bet on them.

Horseraces are to be scheduled on the day of Her Highness Luna, the Monday.

Garden Parties

We hold snug little parties mostly evenings when Celestia just ended her workday and Luna began hers.


Dances may be hold with parties or at special occasions.


Every quarter year it might happen that a pony is to be knighted by ether one of the princess.

Where Luna knights ponies at the beginning of the year and Celestia at the middle.

More information here:


Banquets are to be hold after gatherings which involved any kind of dinner:


The Ladies of the court like to go on picnics, accompanied by a knowledgeable pony to find and watch the different avian in our beloved Equestria.


Also quite popular are wanderings around in the Canterlot gardens.


Since the return of yours truly Princess Luna, Astronomy took quite a spike in popularity as the night Princess is very keen on having diverse Nights with beautiful star constellations.

If a pony objects or has additions to this list, the Lady or Sir is to be advised to post it below.

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