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Rose Blossom is an orange, freckle-faced pony who has made a re-apperance in Ponyville. Her pet pup, Bud, is a lazy and sly pup, who loves to run outside. Rose is an artistic pony that makes paintings for herself and other ponies. She lives in a not too big, not too small cottage for company and small get-togethers.


As a small pony, She was fascinated with arts and crafts, and was amazed that she could do a great kind of art. But she knew she could do better. She asked her mother to show her what she had learned, since Rose's mother was an artist as well. Soon, she could draw just like her mother.

Five months later, she was hypnotized by the love of a Changeling. And died minutes later after the incident. Rose's mother was a hit in some of the best countries. Soon a riot started. They couldn't live without her mother's paintings! They burned several things and two days later, the riot ended.

Soon after, Rose started making paintings of her own. Nobody would buy them, since Rose's mother was an instant hit. But later in the month, she made friends with Nightmare Blaze and told him about her artwork. He bought them and showed his two friends. with instantly made friends with Rose. She went on one adventure with them and soon wanted paintings from her. sure, she wasn't famous, but at least she had friends that were honest, friendly, and enjoy her artwork. Later, at a party of some sort, She met Christeed Roamer (Last name is now Concordia). A pony with the knowledge of economics. They later also became close friends.


After a month or two, The marriage of Laminar Swirl and Nightmare Blaze occured. Gentle Charmer confessed her love to Rose, and Rose accepted. They went to the wedding together as dates. Afterward, they went out for a couple of days. Soon, Rose had wrote a letter to Gentle about breaking the relationship, and Gentle was heartbroken. They never spoke for the next couple of weeks.

Backround (Here and Now)

Rose had been accepted to Coltifonia's Institutional College of the Arts. She had wrote a letter to Laminar, Gentle, and Blaze, explaining about her "gotta go" to a different state, but Laminar and Blaze ended with no response. Gen responded with a "Good Luck," and with that, Rose was on her way. She didn't come back for an entire year.

Rose had came back with a Diploma, and a surprise reappearance that startled Laminar and Christeed Concordia. Ever since that day, she has been trying to reconnect with all of her friends, her ex, and her life. Things are going great, but there's one thing Rose Blossom has to do....

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