Rocky is a unicorn foal who loves to spread happiness through his personality and through his music.


A blue unicorn colt with an saxophone cutie-mark.


Dedicated to making those around him happy, but occasionally sacrifices his own happiness for others. He loves to have fun and is always ready to make a new friend. Like Pinkie Pie, he likes to make the ponies he knows and loves around him happy (just not to an extreme). He's mature for a foal his age, but knows that he needs to loosen up every once in a while. He has a dream to become a great musician someday and be inducted into the Equestrian Music Hall of Fame.

Cutie Mark

Rocky's Cutie Mark is a saxophone. It represents his talent of being able to play the saxophone and other woodwind insturments.


  • Rocky has always loved listening and playing music. His main insturment is the saxophone, but as time

    The Music Colt of Ponyville!

    has gone on, he's learning how to play other woodwinds such as oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, and flute.
  • Being a unicorn, Rocky knows how to do some beginner spells. As of now, he's still learning how to do basic levatation.
  • He likes to cook different exotic dishes as another fun hobby.


Was adopted by a pegasus mare named Kiryn. Kiryn as always been like a big sister to Rocky and he considers her as one of his closest friends. Later on, Kiryn marries a stallion named Sir Ket who has soon become a father figure for Rocky. 

Rocky is dating a filly named Peppermint Swirl. A mysterious filly with a crazy and wacky personality but has a loving heart.