Rhapsody is a pegasus pony from Manehattan. She dreams of being a music mixer and moved to the small town of Ponyville until she gets all of her plans laid out.


Rhapsody grew up in a musical home: her father was a percussionist for a local jazz band and her mother was a violinist. She always believed she would choose the classical music path until her father showed her the turntables. She's been in love ever since.

Rhapsody recieved her cutie mark after successfully putting on her first performance and winning her school's talent show. From then on, she knew what she wanted be and make of herself in the future. As soon as she was able to be on her own, Rhapsody planned to send out demos to producers from all over.

But then she relized it wouldn't be that easy.

Realizing that it would be tough to try and get to the top right away, Rhapsody found a quaint little home in Ponyville and settled down, hoping that soon she could get everything in order and become the musician she wanted to be.


As stated, Rhapsody gained her cutie mark from her excellent mixing skills.

Aside from mixing, she can also play various percussion instruments and the alto saxophone. She's well-educated in music theory and is always willing to help a pony out with composition.

Player Notes

Rhapsody's player is always open to new RP's and will talk to anypony any time. She'll keep an RP going as long as you want and will switch to DM on request. The player will try to leave an AFK notice when she absolutely cannot respond, but if you feel like you've been waiting to long for a reply, feel free to send a reminder.

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