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Red Prowler


Red Prowler comes From a Military family. Born in Cloudsdale, When she was young, her family moved to ponyville to find work. Then suddenly at age 8, Prowler's Mom and Dad died at a carrige crash in the everfree forest. Prowler was then forced to find shelter, Inside trashcans, Under trees, Even in holes in the dirt. Prowler joined the ENG when she was 16. Then she was fired. When Prowler had enough money, She bought a house. Then she got a new job at Sweet Apple Acres.


Red Prowler is a Helpful and smart pegasus. She is big freinds with Silver Bullet, Shockwave, and Braveheart Bronco. She is a bit shy, but is also creative and Inventive. She is also athletic. She is also kinda fast when flying.


Red Prowler always has a vest on. Sometimes its green, other times blue. Prowler's mane is Red and Black. Her tail was the same color, But when discord came, she became possesed. So she turned grey. But when they rescued her and when she turned back to color, The tail was Black and white, slowly the red is appering, but slowly. She is Dark red

Cutie Mark

Her Cutie mark is a White Missile. She got it when Equestrian National Guard was testing her reflexes, and when they fired a missile, Prowler jumped over it and landed on the other side. They launched more missiles, each Prowler Dodging. Eventully getting her Cutie Mark.


The "Prowler" part of her name comes from the Fighter Jet EA/B6 Prowler, a Jammer and attack aircraft currently in use of the United States Airforce.

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